Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bernadine Koman Rini obituary

I read the PD's obituaries for the interesting variety of backgrounds people profiled there had and occasionally am amazed that someone was, until now, still around. A case in point was this mornings obit for Bernadine Koman Rini, who was a model for Sterling-Lindner-Davis and Halles among others. What caught my eye was the headline announcing that she'd christened the Main Avenue Bridge, in 1939. I have a particular interest in the city's historic bridges and have seen photos of the group of ancient-looking engineers who officiated over the construction of the Main Avenue Bridge, but had trouble imagining that anyone involved with the birth of the bridge was still around. Mrs. Rini also appeared in Billy Rose's Aquacade for the Great Lakes Exposition, which is reaching its 70th anniversary this summer. Mrs. Rini was 90. (Richard M. Perry. "Bernadine Koman Rini, 90, model who christened Main Avenue Bridge." Plain Dealer. Saturday, May 27, 2006. Page B-7.)


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