Thursday, May 04, 2006

Walter Leedy's new local history endowment fund

Walter C. Leedy, Jr. recently established a “Cleveland Historical Materials Library Endowment” for the purchase of local history materials for the Cleveland State University Library’s Special Collections department, home of the Cleveland Memory Project. Dr. Leedy is a Professor of Art at CSU and has long been a supporter of the Library. He was instrumental in securing the Cleveland Union Terminal Collection and the Wilbur J. & Sara Ruth Watson Bridge Book Collection and endowment fund in past decades and is currently allowing us to digitize his amazing Cleveland postcard collection, which have graced the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Public Library in recent years. The new fund he has established with a gift of $25,000 is not only generous all by itself, but his intention in setting it up is to allow others to contribute for such a purpose who lack the minimum contribution necessary to establish a fund. By seeding this fund, he has facilitated further donations of lesser amounts for the support of Special Collections, thus enhancing the fund’s potential benefits for collecting local history resources. (Anyone interested in making at contribution of any amount should contact the CSU Development Office at 216.687.5522)


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