Thursday, June 22, 2006

PD says "Scrap 'em" of Huletts

The Plain Dealer's lead editorial weighed in with a negative assessment of what should be done with the Hulett Ore Unloaders. One cannot fault their argument that too much time has passed with too little support from the public or preservation community and it's time to end the charade that reconstructing the Huletts is a viable option any longer. But one could argue with the tone of the paper's closing comment, "Cleveland needs to embrace its next century, not cling to the last," as being unnecessarily dismissive of a wide range of potential preservation projects in the city's future. I trust that the PD was just speaking of this one instance, as I'd hate to think that it doesn't see much use for preserving the city's heritage -- except as real estate developments with fake history themes -- as part of the region's economic revitalization strategy. (Unsigned. "Scrap 'em." PD. Thursday, June 22, 2006. Page B-8)


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