Sunday, June 11, 2006

Proposal to upgrade Public Square

Every few decades the city tires of the look of Public Square and comes forth with proposals for spiffing it up. Over the life of Cleveland there a have been plans to build a city hall on the square, to fence it off, to enter the lower levels of the terminal (Tower City) from there and to construct a intestinal-loop configuration of subways below the square, to name a few that went nowhere. The Square has seen changes, of course, with various new features coming and going, the addition of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the Tom L. Johnson statute and the removal of the since-peripatetic Perry Monument to various other places. Now a group of Clevelanders are suggesting that it's once again time to refresh a worn-out Square and have some suggestions to share. (Tom Breckenridge. "Civic leaders envision revitalized Public Square." Plain Dealer. Sunday, June 11, 2006. Page B-1) [By the way, Public Square is 9-1/2 acres in size, a figure that's rarely ever gotten correct.]


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