Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A press release (below) reports that the OCLC library group has purchased DiMeMa, the software vendor for the CONTENTdm image database used by the Cleveland Memory Project and several other libraries (Cleveland Public Library, for example). This little bit of techie trivia warrants mention here only because it signifies a strengthening of OCLC's position as a key player in the distribution of digital history products in Ohio, rivaling OhioLINK. Since OCLC now offers the OpenWorldCat means of accessing library records and is hosting a new CONTENTdm user group for Ohio, users will likely soon find the on-line history products they want through OCLC more than any other means.

Press release:
We are pleased to forward the appended press release announcing the acquisition of DiMeMa by OCLC. We are excited about this opportunity to better serve our user community with expanded resources and additional integration with OCLC services. As you know, our user community is vitally important to the CONTENTdm team in Seattle. Our primary objective continues to be supporting you as you develop your digital collections and you will find the same dedicated staff working with you. We will continue to provide regular product enhancements and the same high level of support to which you are accustomed. We look forward to an exciting future and thank you for your continued use of CONTENTdm! Claire Cocco, Product Manager


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