Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tomorrow's GCHDLC Meeting

The next meeting of the Greater Cleveland History Digital Library Consortium will be held tomorrow, Thursday the 30th, at Heights Library. The GCHDLC is made up of librarians, historians, and others interested in presenting local history on the Web.

The theme of this meeting is the collaborations going on up on the Heights, involving a cast of people from the various historical societies, public libraries and governmental units. Roy Larick will be giving a presentation on what he and Steve Titchenal have been doing around the topic of Bluestone Heights, tracking historic terrain and watersheds using Google Earth and historic map overlays. We will also hear about a project to add 3-D models of the North Union of Shakers community buildings to Google Earth, involving the Shaker Historical Society and the Shaker Heights Public Library in partnership with an architectural class at the University of Cincinnati. Our host is Debbie Rossman, late of the Westlake Porter Public Library and now with the Heights Library, who will tell us of their plans to work with Cleveland Hts. organizations, such as the City of Cleveland Heights, in building a wider presence in Cleveland Memory.

If you wish to join us at this great meeting, which incidentally is the 5th anniversary of the founding of the GCHDLC, please send me an email at

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