Thursday, November 26, 2009

Historic Interiors in the News

I just noticed that the Plain Dealer has been full of news on historic interior spaces this week. On Sunday the Culture section had an article on the best seat in Severance Hall and in the Drury Theater at the Cleveland Play House. Then there was a two-part series on the issues with the Medical Mart, which included a photo of the mammoth Public Auditorium. Finally (?) today there's an article on one of my favorite buildings, the old Cleveland Trust Bank at Ninth and Euclid, including a wonderful shot of the main lobby and dome. What's next? The Huntington Bank lobby? The old Society for Savings lobby? They all appealed to me more than the artist's rendition of the proposed Medical Mart.

(Returning to the issue of Public Auditorium, I haven't seen any discussion of why, if we determine that the Medical Mart developers are correct in their assessment of Public Auditorium's condition, we wouldn't just increase the cost of the project and fix the hall so it can be included. Surely we cannot afford to have conventions coming to town over then next few years think it's a safety hazard, so we may have to address that problem anyway. And while we're at it, finish the negotiations with the property owners on Ontario and St. Clair, or take the land by eminent domain. I have a bad feeling about the idea of a glass box on Mall C and want to see the original plan restored.)

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