Friday, September 16, 2011

OHRAB Archives Institutional Achievement Award call for nominations

Announcement received:

The Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board Achievement Award recognizes significant accomplishments in preserving and improving access to historical records in any format by an Ohio archival institution.

All Ohio institutions responsible for archival records that provide public access to at least a portion of their collections are eligible. Eligible accomplishments include recent special projects or on-going programs that:
- build significant collections
- implement successful preservation strategies
- enhance access to archives
- develop effective digitization programs

Preference will be given to projects or programs that can be adapted for use by other institutions.

Because the award recognizes institutional achievements, individuals are not eligible. Departments employing members of OHRAB are not eligible, but other departments in their institutions are eligible.

Nominating letters should be no longer than two pages, 12-pt, single spaced, describing the institution's program/project along with its goals, accomplishments, and significance. Each must include the nominee's institutional name along with a contact person's name, mailing address, phone, email address.

Send nominations via email or U.S. mail to:
Janet Carleton
Ohio University Libraries
Alden 322
30 Park Place
Athens, OH 45701

Nominations must be received by October 14, 2011.

Self-nominations are encouraged. Winner(s) will be selected by OHRAB at its October 28 meeting.

Winners of the 2010 Award were Cleveland State University's Michael Schwartz Library Special Collections Department and Montgomery County Records Center and Archives.

Download the flyer and see more info on last year's awardees:

Questions? Contact Janet Carleton at or 740-597-2527.

The Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board is the central body for historical records planning in the state. Board members represent Ohio's public and private archives, records offices, and research institutions.

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At 12:54 AM, Blogger Janet C. said...

I am looking for the current map location of 91 Mound Street (or Avenue) in Cleveland in 1900.

Janet Cartwright

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Bill Barrow said...

Difficult to say. The south (odd) side of Mound Avenue appears to have no addresses, the structures there all facing the cross streets. In the 1898 map, the north side of Mound is numbered east to west from Ackly Street (today's East 59th St.) with even numbers, but even those run out at 18 (possibly 20) and everything west of that on the north is unnumbered lands of a brick yard. The address 91 doesn't really fit that I can see. This about the death of Robert Kempinki? Write to me at the Cleveland Memory Project if you want to discuss this further.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Bill Barrow said...

Take a peek at this and switch to the 1898 map (see gray bar in upper right for years),5080199.841775822,-9088830.839903569,5080831.641587689

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Janet C. said...

Thanks for your response. My interest is that a city directory shows that my grandmother and her parents had that address - "91 Mound" around or before 1900. My grandmother was Elizabeth (also listed as Lizzie) Letzing. Her stepfather was Julian or John Kempinski.

Elizabeth was a stenographer. Kempinski is listed as a notary public in census records. I would be interested in any historical perspective.


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