Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blogging Cleveland Memories

As we blog our opinions about a new convention center, the school board salaries, lakefront planning, economic development strategies and other matters of pressing contemporary concern, those of us who grew up in greater Cleveland, or at least have lived here long enough to have memories about its past and opinions about its landmarks, should find the time to blog on these topics as well.

What does the prospects of the old Cleveland Trust tower being demolished by the County mean to you, if anything? Should the surviving (but dismantled) Hulett Ore Unloaders be returned to some position of prominence in the city’s plans for the river and lakefront? What was it like growing up in your neighborhood, church or school? How does the occasional article in the Plain Dealer on some local history or historic preservation topic strike you, as it is published?

There are a host of small ways to touch on matters of local history in your blog and I would like to know about any that you post, so that I could link to them in the reformulated Cleveland History Blog and the News from Cleveland Memory e-newsletter.

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