Saturday, July 11, 2009

NOCSIA Tour of W.S. Tyler Building

Most east-siders have seen the huge brick complex of historic industrial buildings at Superior and the railroad overpass just west of East 40th Street and maybe a few know it as the W.S. Tyler Building.

This afternoon a small group of members of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Society for Industrial Archeology (NOCSIA) got a tour of these buildings and learned how they are being developed into Tyler Village, a 1.2 million square foot, 10 acre space for new businesses. I have driven past this complex and particularly admired the arching brick bridges, several stories up in the air, connecting different buildings and the elaborate details of the buildings' trim, so it was good to learn more about them. In the 1870s, W.S. Tyler Co. started manufacturing wire cloth on St. Clair, at the northern end of the property and gradually enlarged to the south until the main entrance was set up along Superior and the old St. Clair headquarters building demolished. In 1962 W.S. Tyler moved to Mentor, where it remains today.

NOCSIA has tours and lectures throughout the years, so visit their website and join.

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