Friday, December 11, 2009

First United Methodist is merging with Epworth-Euclid Methodist

I missed this when it was announced in the Plain Dealer last week. First United (left) is a major building on Euclid, at East 30th, and I'm sorry to see the congregation leave, even to shore up the equally-grand Epworth-Euclid (below).
With all the Catholic churches closing (and some depressing photos of the gutted St. Joseph Byzantine Church on Kinsman someone just showed me today), it seems like the city's sacred landmarks are taking a tremendous hit in our time.

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At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a real basic problem. The population in Cleveland has dwindled, the number of people supporting the churches has dwindled even faster and the endowment funds that kept these churches going are also dwindling. First Church has a viable congregation, but a building that needs many millions of dollars to bring up to code and next to no endowment left. Epworth has a building in good shape, but a very small and aging congregation. It has been living off of its endowment which is shrinking. Lack of a combination would see both churches fail in five years so the solution seems good.

The only issue from a historic preservation side, the "change for te sake of change" folks are going to gut the Goodhue interiors including woodwork, Cowan pottery tile floors and pews. Apparently it is not birght and light enough or it looks too Catholic. Sad.


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