Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mash-ups of historic and contemporary maps

The Greater Cleveland History Digital Library Consortium (GCHDLC), an informal network of historians, librarians and others interested in presenting Northeast Ohio's historic resources in digital format, will be meeting July 30th to learn more about collaborative projects in the Heights which center around historic maps. The group's map committee has previously conducted workshops on how to overlay digitized historic maps onto contemporary maps and aerial photos in Google Earth and now some actual projects have come forth in Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights that will be demonstrated. Dr. Roy Larick and Steven Titchenal will present their work on a "Bluestone Hts." use of this technology and we will also see what's been done in Shaker Heights, particularly a further development using the Sketch-up program to create 3D models of North Union Shaker settlement buildings.

For more information, contact Bill Barrow, at

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