Friday, May 09, 2008

News articles on the Cleveland Union Terminal

The 80th anniversary of a 16mm film shot by one of the sub-contractors working on the Cleveland Union Terminal project, on May 9, 1928, has occasioned two media stories. This morning the Plain Dealer ran a nice big article on how the film came to be in our hands and then Fox8 News came and recorded a story for the news at 6:00 tonight.

The story is a about how Peggy Tavares came across this rusty old film canister at a swap meet a couple of decades ago and thought it should be preserved someplace. The Internet not being available in those days, it languished in a box at here house until 2004, when she came across it and decided to do some Web research. Finding our big CUT site, she called and offered it to us as a donation. We accepted happily and had the film treated and digitized, where it now can be seen at That's the gist of the story, but there's an equally interesting backstory about how we received the main CUT Collection from Gerry Adams and Bob Linsey by a similar process.