Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Windsor Terraces on Chester Avenue

Commuting into CSU via Chester each morning, I pass an odd little street called Windsor Terrace. It was fascinating, then, to discover that it is the remnants of the old Hotel del Prado, which was made from the former Gertrude S. Ely mansion, both fronting on Euclid on the 4200 block. Developer Walter McClure created the del Prado as an apartment hotel in 1917, boasting 88 rooms and, significantly here, 21 "terraces," they surviving as these Windsor Terrace units. Windsor Avenue, whence their name, was subsumed into Chester Avenue when the latter was cut through in the 1940s, which also lopped off a few units on the north end. The hotel side of the property is just a parking lot today.

A History of the NE Corner of Euclid Avenue and East 30th Street

CSU Archivist Bill Becker recently showed me a photo he'd found in his collection, of Fenn College students playing intermural football somewhere. We could faintly see Fenn Tower in the background and after some digging, discovered the identify of the old mansion in the foreground. So that meant this game was being played on the NE corner of Euclid Avenue and East 30th St. Well, I had other photos about that vacant lot, as my great-uncle had once had a driving range there, the "Hole In One." That parcel had once held "Andrews' Folly," the mansion of Rockefeller partner Samuel Andrews, which was reportedly too expensive to maintain. Now that corner is the home of WEWS TV. Here are photos of all four incarnation, as Millionaires' Row became today's Euclid Corridor.