Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bernstein's Elbow in Cleveland

Someone asked me about Bernstein's Elbow, which was apparently a street that took a little jog to avoid the tavern of an influential city councilman, Harry "Czar" Bernstein. I'd never heard of it, but a little research in the collections turned up a 1912 map and some photographs of a short segment of East 14th Street, between Woodland and Orange Avenues.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Early Settlers' Assn Recognizes Cleveland Memory

The Early Settlers' Association of the Western Reserve has recognized the Cleveland Memory Project with its annual Herrick Memorial Award, given to me as they only award it to individuals. At the ceremony on Public Square July 20th, celebrating the city's 216th birthday in front of the Moses Cleaveland statue, some of the people who make Cleveland Memory possible posed with two previous winners. On the left end is John Cimperman, President of the ESAWR and the winner in 1991, whereas on the right end is John Vacha, District Coordinator for History Day in Ohio's local district and the winner in 2002. Between them are Cleveland Memory folks from the Michael Schwartz Library at CSU. From left to right are Joanne Cornelius, Supervisor of the Digital Production Unit where many of the digital images originate; Carolyn Hufford, long-time volunteer who created and builds the "Feeding Cleveland: Urban Agriculture" site in Cleveland Memory; Library Director Dr. Glenda Thornton; Me; Lauren Felder, the Web Specialist who designs the pages in Cleveland Memory; and Lynn Bycko, the Special Collections Associate who oversees the collections whence much of the content for Cleveland Memory originates. More...