Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hat: a novel

Press release received:

Babette’s father & uncle were killed by the Jewish Mafia in Cleveland during the ‘30s and she has just released a historical novel based on what she experienced.

The book was endorsed by the Cleveland Press and Cleveland Jewish News and the author is under feature consideration at Cleveland Magazine & the Plain Dealer.

The Hat (Sunstone Press, 3/31/11) by Babette Hughes (TX), former Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland Magazine Contributor and Cleveland Press journalist.

Prohibition era mystery/thriller about coming of age amidst the Jewish Mafia, hardcover, 198 pages, $26.95, 9780865347847.

Endorsed by National Jewish Book Award for Fiction Winner Joseph Kertes and two-time Pulitzer Nominee Albert Fried.

“Babette Hughes is particularly good at drawing the blithe lack of self-awareness of an inexperienced young woman, as well as pointing out the self-centeredness of youth.”
- Historical Novels Review

The Hat is a terrific story that chronicles the beginning of the Mafia and its revelations that profoundly changed lives forever.”
- Jewish Book World

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ghost Signs on Cleveland Buildings

Nice article by Marcia Pledger in this morning's Plain Dealer about old signs on the sides of buildings, harking back to Cleveland's industrial heritage. They are called "ghost signs" and I see at least a couple in Cleveland Memory, such as this great one about Eliot Ness.

We'll have to consider this as a category to add to Cleveland Memory.

That said, there is an organization interested in such signs, called the Society for Commercial Archeology and there's also various Flickr groups about ghost signs.

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